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We're on a mission to see:

  • Revival by bringing God into everyday finance
  • Missionaries have more than enough to serve
  • Pastors and ministry leaders serving full-time with double honour (1 Tim 5:17)
  • Ministries have funding to compete with worldly attacks against our Christian values
  • Churches thriving with a position of relevance in the community!
The Faith for Finances 30-Day Practical and Spiritual Transformation!

A unique program to guide you and others working together through a series of questions and exercises to:

  • Overcome obstacles,
  • Explore financial beliefs,
  • Identify opportunities, and
  • Support each other to
  • Take a $10 seed and multiply it - to your first $1000 and beyond...

It's a Simple Process - but not Easy!

Part of the transformation happens through the implementation (or not) of the financial exercises!

This is a process of rethinking to renew your mind in the area of God and Money!

When you join us this month with a gift of ANY amount we'll share with you so you can share with others who will be equipped to share more and so on and so on...

Our gift to you for helping us help the first 1000 people includes:
  • A 100+ page Faith for Finance digital workbook for immediate download.

  • This inspiring package includes background details, questionnaires, scripture references and the practical activities to guide your Faith for Finances transformation journey.

  • 30 individual Faith for Finances video lessons and exercises. You can start whenever you want, and complete them one day at a time, or if you have ‘life’ to attend to, you can take as long as you want.

  • Scripture and prayer strategies for each day.

  • Practical lessons to identify and implement a real-life purpose-driven income generating activity to earn your first $1000 as a result of your 30-day journey.

  • The lessons you get are highlights from other MoneyMinding training where people have paid thousands of dollars for the information where some have become very wealthy as a result!

  • Others realize they don't need as much money as they first thought.

  • Some people turn hobbies and ideas into income that benefits themselves and provides work for others. Some end up with new careers as they find new ways to earn money, and new ways to bless others in the process.

  • The very first group to complete a a similar process collectively earned $12,000 in 90 days!
  • We're giving you the full Faith for Finances program and more with a gift of ANY amount to help us transform the financial lives of people and churches today!

  • It's best if you work through the process with a group for accountability and support, so we've also created extra opportunities for group leaders to connect online so you can work with like-minded people for a Kingdom benefit!

  • Everyone who joins the journey today will be able to connect online to learn from others, submit prayer requests, ask questions, get ideas, share ideas and more!

  • When you join us this month, you get all this plus extras including...

  • The 'Make Debt Your Friend: How to Do Credit Cards' reference guide to re-frame, repackage, re-do debt and accelerate debt reduction! Other similar programs sell for $297 each... we're giving this to you because we know debt is an issue for everyone - even for those who don't have any personal debt!

  • Finally, because we all need encouragement, and we all like extras... we're including new support pieces such as an income idea generating toolkit, couples reflections, fast action tips, devotions, and breakthrough prayers and declarations!

  •  If we offered all this separately: The Faith for Finances Group program currently $297 + plus Make Debt Your Friend valued at $297 + all the extras the package would be worth over $1000!


  • We're giving you all this and online progress tracking, and of course a completion certificate to welcome you to our community, and invite you to walk this Faith for Finances journey with us!
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